About Us

Since 2001 with a specialist staff , we signed several corporate projects in software sector. We established Bfg Sofware to use this experience and  accumulate these benefits . From now the firms of Turkey are continuing to be our clients quickly.


Web design is a multi disciplinal process that needs creativity and other requirements together. For these reasons its very important for this work to be done so that information and experience comes first. 

Google Optimisation

Seo is the business which relates to online awareness of a web site in the search engines. Its the abreviation of the 'Search engine Optimisation' words.

We can count as many terms that are corresponding like SEM (Search Engine Marketing) which is about the other partof the story. Any web site which is listed above the search results is potentially more available to attract much more customers than a web site that is in the lower pages. We call these results 'organic search results' and can not be manipulated in any case.

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