Web design stage is over and is great and valuable for customers, but is it measurable?

For any project that is developed under Bfg Software licence statictical data can be gathered through secure servers. Visitor behaivour from page to page, or against other countries, as well as browser usage, or band-width can be monitored too.

Google Analytics Web Site Reporting Tool

In the light of these analyse reports, evaluation can be done and further processing takes place. By answering themost asked questions like how much traffic my site gets a day, how many pages were displayed, average time of a visitor's session...

After some management plan for maximising the performance of the web site, editorial and technical optimisitations takes place. Also with the help of usability accomplishment of the goals (sales, advertisement, brand awerness) are reached.

All of the modifications help in the improvement of the web site design as a whole, and must be taken with a professional approach rather than day to day expectation.

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