Key point of getting success at internet business is SEO(Search Engine Optimisation), so what is it really?

Actually you are not aware of this fact but, as a result of the process you found this web site. If we summarize, any time if you made a search at the search engines like Google or Yahoo, by entering one ore more keywords it means you have used it. 

Because all the sarch results in a seach engine is ranked by hundreds of factors that are hidden or changed preidically. At the left side we see the search results that we call 'organic' results, and at the right side we see the sponsored links which we call Advertisement or Adwords ads.

Seo raporu

SEO Analysis Of Your Web Site

By constructing a long term SEO stragey the main goal is to get listed as much higher in these organic results so that customers or potential community find your products & services easily.

Alright, if that is so important than what do we need to get higher in these rankings? The required tasks are many, but the main problem is to choose the best keywords or keyword phrases taht describes your business much and optimise on those ones.

When we create a web site for our customers we provide all the tools that are needed to realise this strategy. Also as the nature of the dynamic structure of the IT sector, we are always open to new standarts and methods so that the benefit you get from the project is always keeped qualified.

There are other factors that change these results. We call them 'off the site factors'. These are also as much important as on site factors. We can give examples to these methods like, e-campaigns, link building srategies, search engine end listing submissions and such.

After a specified time companies start to get the feedback of the work done in the long term, but do not overestimate the severity of the process.


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