The most important subject after the web site design is usability. It means that the ui must be easy to understand and functional so that customers can complete te tasks without question. But many times with time limitations and absense of perspective this subject is thrown to the lowest places of the list.

In our century planning is very important as guessed, especially in internet technologies. If no strategy or short, middle and long term planning have not done, your web site will be lost in a hundred million pages.

If we return to our main subject, as specified above, we do not need to repeat how important is usability at in web design business.After the tasks needed to be performed companies can benefit of the following.

Sales increase - Usability work help finding the problems in the application and as a result, correct user

interactiviy is accomplished also that leads to more sales for your company instead of your competitors.

Conversion rates increase - After maintaining usability, your customers can reach their goals more fluently without

 encounturing problems and costs for resolving them by spending time, effort, and information is minimized.

Brand value increase - When managed correctly, these methods also help improving the brand awereness and quality in

the long term continuing with more referals and creates a more solid understanding of your firm.

Search engine cempetition - Usability methods also help in other fields like SEO. As human beings start to use your

web site more ease, also the web crawlers that we call spiders can seek and find more pages and index frequently.


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