What is SEO

Seo is the business which relates to online awareness of a web site in the search engines. Its the abreviation of the 'Search engine Optimisation' words.

We can count as many terms that are corresponding like SEM (Search Engine Marketing) which is about the other partof the story. Any web site which is listed above the search results is potentially more available to attract much more customers than a web site that is in the lower pages. We call these results 'organic search results' and can not be manipulated in any case.

SEO has many aspects in the way of solution to this problem.

For an internet campaign SEO results are used for optimisation of the user behaviour. These tactics can be grouped in many sub sections. The tools used can be counted as, CMS, images, videos, shopping carts and other elements which are in relation with the process.

Other than those tactics, there are also other ones that we can categorise by on-site or off-site factors. The first one is in a context which is only open to site building factors, and do not include external effects. Off-site sero tactics means the tools that are available without the site itself. These are paid or other tactics that are used for search engine optimisation like link building strategies, guest article submmision, forum posts, and such.

We can also categorise these tactics in 2 other ways. Black-Hat Seo and White-Gat Seo. As you may expect from hacking terminology there are white and black hat hackers which are the good & bad. White one is using his background for solving security problems, others mission is to find the back doors of the systems and ports and crash them.

Similarly, in SEO business, white-hat people uses legal tactics for optimisation whereas Blacks try illegal oneslike generating artificial traffic or algorithims to trick bots. We offer legal search engine optimisation methods for our customers.

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